thoughts about cards and flowers.

The opening night card and flowers tradition is a good-natured one, but I think there is a better tradition to start among theatre-makers.

Perhaps instead we ought to start writing one another cards for the third week (or equivalent) of rehearsals, the week in which everyone feels as though they will never get anywhere and they are terrible theatre-makers and really ought to have done something they were better at.  Imagine if, that week, you got a card from a fellow maker, saying –

Dear such-and-such,
I know that you probably feel a bit under the pump, and are maybe worrying that things might not turn out the way you would like for them to.
Remember that this is how everyone feels every time, and every time it has gotten better.

Keep going, and perhaps help yourself to a piece of this turkish delight and look at these lilies while you eat it.
Ask for help if it would help you (even if you just need a meal cooked).
I believe in you!
A person who knows how hard this job is and thinks you’re brave for doing it.

Then maybe we could also start cards for after a show has finished, saying –

Dear such-and-such,
I’m sorry that now you have to grieve the production you were doing.
At least now you’ll be able to be home in the evenings and clean out your fridge and put some real vegetables in it.
Here is some rosemary from my rosemary bush and some limes from my lime tree that might make you feel inspired to cook something (or make a g&t).
A person who knows that it can be hard to say goodbye.


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I am a theatre maker in Adelaide, South Australia. I am queer and a lady and my work reflects that, as well as the fact that I am an aesthete with a belief that the personal is political, and the political is personal to me.

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