thoughts about artists and their “day jobs”.

I really wish that people would recognise the fact that when artists do their money jobs, they are contributing to society on a number of levels.

Firstly, they are contributing through those jobs.  Someone needs to make people coffee, or pull someone’s pint, or give people food that someone has cooked for them, or teach other people things, or do any of the other jobs that people do.

Secondly, they are subsidising the creative arts by giving an artist (themselves) the opportunity to make work that isn’t otherwise funded, through covering their living costs.

Thirdly, they are keeping the price of independent theatre down to an amount that most people can afford, thereby ensuring that people who might be unable to afford mainstage ticket prices are still able to attend theatre.
This is very generous and not something of which to be ashamed.


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I am a theatre maker in Adelaide, South Australia. I am queer and a lady and my work reflects that, as well as the fact that I am an aesthete with a belief that the personal is political, and the political is personal to me.

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